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Welcome to Build Acala - Ready the Treasury
Welcome to the ‘Build Acala: Ready the Treasury’ event! This is an event for Acala’s global community to fund the Acala Treasury, an on-chain reserve of digital tokens co-owned and managed by ACA network owners. The Treasury will prepare Acala for long-term network self-sustainability and growth. This event will enable you, community members from around the world, to become ACA network owners, giving you a share in the ongoing governance, growth, and operations of Acala, the all-in-one DeFi hub of Polkadot.
The information on this website will walk you through Acala’s team and decentralized finance technology, explain more about the Acala Treasury, and detail the logistics of this token event. If you have any questions you can always find us on the Acala Discord.
Log in here for the Build Acala: Ready the Treasury event.


August 30 2021

Round #1 DOT denominated price released here.
Make sure you have checked off the checklist to prepare for the event here. Make sure you know what to expect at the event day here and the payment process here.
This is a 2-day event and guaranteed allocation, so no need to rush. See you at
Round #1 participant can also participate in Round #2 see details here.

August 26 2021

Round #1 individual caps (min 20, max 40) are now released, see more details here. Round #2 individual caps (min 50, max 80) are now released, see more details here.
Round # 1 Payment details are released here, Round # 2 Payment details are released here, please make sure you understand the process and prepared beforehand.

August 15 2021

Registration for Build Acala: Ready the Treasury has reached capacity and is now closed.
We've reached capacity with over 50,000 registrations and appreciate your patience and support. KYC will continued to be processed. Once registered, there will be a queue to get into the platform to complete verification (KYC). You can either wait to complete verification or come back before August 24th to complete your KYC submission. All submissions before August 24th are guaranteed to be processed.

August 14 2021

Registration will open on UTC 1pm 15th August. If you have registered, you do NOT need to show up. The verification process will be queued on registration open, so once you successfully registered, you can either wait, or better come back at a later date/time to complete submission.
See details on registration here.

August 12 2021

Register here to join the Build Acala: Ready the Treasury Kickoff event at 9pm UTC on Thursday, 12th August 2021.

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