Build Acala
MetaMask Wallet Setup
Video and written guides for users wishing to pay in ETH, USDC and USDT
Users paying in ETH, USDC and USDT must use a MetaMask wallet. No other wallets are permitted for these three payment options.

Creating a MetaMask Wallet (Video Guide)

Creating a MetaMask Wallet (Written Guide)

1) Go to to download the MetaMask Wallet and add the extension to your browser.

2) Click “Get Started” and then “Create a New Wallet.”

3) Input the password you’d like to use for your wallet. Accept the terms. Click “Create.”

4) Watch the video on how to keep your recovery phrase safe then click “Next.”

5) Click to reveal your recovery phrase. Write it down and keep it in a safe place.

6) Confirm your recovery phrase.

7) Congratulations, your wallet is now set up.

8) You can pin your wallet so it stays conveniently located in your browser.

9) You can also see and copy your address at the top of the screen.

10) Fund your account with the desired payment method. The ONLY accepted payment Ethereum-based assets are ETH, USDC (ERC-20) and USDT (ERC-20). Users paying in USDC and USDT should also have ETH in their wallets to pay transaction fees.

Connecting Your MetaMask Account to the Event Platform

1) Log into the event platform at and go to your Profile.

2) Select Account Information.

3) Click on Connect to MetaMask

4) A pop up window will appear asking you to connect. Follow the prompts.

5) Your account is now connected.

⚠️Connection Error

It is completely normal if you receive the error message below. To fix the error users can either:
  1. 1.
    Switch to the MetaMask account that is already connected to the event platform and make your Build Acala payment from that account
  2. 2.
    Create or use a different MetaMask account to connect to the event platform and make your Build Acala payment from that account

Creating a New Account to Connect

1) You can create a new account by clicking on the Metamask icon and then clicking on the colorful circle in the upper right corner. A pop up window will appear. Click on Create Account.

2) Name your account and click Create.
3) Refresh the page.
4) Click on the MetaMask icon.
5) You’ll see the account you just created appear in the pop up window. Click Connect to connect that account.

6) The error should go away and you should see that the MetaMask account you just created is connected to the event platform.

7) This new account connected account will be the one you’ll use to make your ETH, USDC and USDT payments on event day.

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